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Lonicera… which one?

Pictures here taken by S in London.  She writes that the plant has lovely red berries and flowers.  And I was given the task of identifying it.

I presume it belongs to Lonicera ( named in honour of a German botanist – Adam Lonicer).  And there are 180 species that belong to this family.  20 of them grow in Europe.  I think this might be Lonicera periclymenum, known as Common Honeysuckle, European Honeysuckle or Woodbine.








Flowers are creamy white or yellowish and has a fragrant smell and can be grown to beautify a hedge or a wall.

The fruit is a red berry and in most species are mildly poisonous.  The plant attracts moths and humming birds.

Surprisingly, I read that in certain places of US the plant is banned as it is invasive!

Family : Caprifoliaceae


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  1. I wish I find the edible ones. They look so yummy!
    Invasive!!!! – interesting!

  2. Looks fantastic!!! And really nice pics also…. :D

  3. no, they are totally invasive. be careful with them.

    where i live (central USA north) they are taking over native forest lands, choking out a lot of species of delicate elm, ash, oak, and other trees we need to support our native fauna. they are like zombies, or frankensteins here. you can perceive their march across native forests, wiping out all the competition. it’s hard; they are pretty and i do cultivate a few on my own property. but as aggressors in the pure native environs? killer, in every way.


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