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Magnolia sieboldii

Common Name – Oyama Magnolia

Native to Eastern Asia – Japan, Korea.  A small tree.  With white cup shaped flowers with purple red stamens.  Almost look like mini lotuses.  The flowers are fragrant, but I did not notice it in the rain!

Picture taken at Benmore Gardens, Scotland


California Lilac

A compact shrub / small tree with bright blue flowers.  Said to ideal for dense ground cover, for low walls, for fences….  And they have nice dark green leaves and therefore the blue flowers stand out.

Beautiful… Seen at the  resort in Hunters Quay, Dunoon, Scotland.

Species – Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens

Monkey Puzzle Tree

I almost missed the tree in the pouring  rain ( the picture does not show the rain!) but the strange branches caught my eye and then the board with the name.  Monkey Puzzle Tree????  I had to take a picture.  Wish I had taken a better one, but I was worried the camera would be drenched.

A native of Argentina and Chile the tree is  found everywhere in the world!  I read there is one in the Ooty Botanical Gardens.  The tree is supposed to grow up to 70-100 ft and the shape resembles that of a Christmas tree.  The name              ( attributed) is thought to have originated in Europe in 1800s when someone is supposed to have remarked that the tree branches would have even puzzled a monkey – it  would have to figure out how to climb it!  And the name stuck.

The leaves are dark green, and stiff like needles.

Botanical name – Araucaria araucana

Picture taken at Benmore Gardens, Scotland.

Chilean Fire Bush

Common name – Chilean Fire Bush, Flame Flower

A upward growing tree / shrub.  Very striking due to the masses of bright red flowers.  Blooms early summer.  Flowers split into  curved, coiled, twisted tubes.    A very attractive tree when in full bloom.  Native to Chile and Argentina.

Botanical name – Embothrium coccineum

Photograph – Benmore gardens, Scotland

Gulmohar Tree

Common name: Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana

While I hate the heat in summer, I love the trees that bloom this season.  The yellow Laburnum, the purple Jacaranda and the red/orange Gulmohar. 

Native to Madagascar, this tree is now seen almost all over India.  All through the months of May-June one finds the tree covered with clusters of bright orange flowers along with its delicate green fern leaves.

Botanical name: Delonix regia    Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)

Picture taken at Somajiguda, Hyderabad

Indian Beech Tree – Pongam Tree

An excellent site for identification of flora in India with immediate response from its members – indiantreepix @googlegroups.  Thank you.

Common name: Pongam Tree, Indian Beech Tree

It must have been 40 C outside, but this tree provided a nice canopy and offered a welcome respite from the heat.  The Pongamia pinnata ( or the Millettia pinatta) is a lovely tree of the Pea family.  Small clusters of pink,purple,white flowers are seen throught the year. They turn into brown pods later.

Botanical name: Millettia pinnata    Family: Fabaceae (pea family)

Photographed in Secunderabad Club and Somajiguda, Hyderabad.

Jacaranda Tree

I love the purple-blue of the Jacaranda flower.  It is so soothing to the eye and the trees are so tall and lovely.

Common name: Blue Jacaranda • Hindi: Neeli gulmohur

Not native to India, but cultivated for ornamental purposes.  I read that if the tree receives too much water the leaves appear first and the beauty of the flower is lost!  After flowering, woody disc shaped seed pods appear.

This was photographed at Secunderabad Club. 

Botanical name: Jacaranda mimosifolia     Family: Bignoniaceae (jacaranda family)

Since the tree was tall and I could not take the picture of the flower at close quarters and till I get one sometime in future, I am putting up one from the here. ( seen below)

Pink Trumpet Tree – Tabebuia rosea


Common name: Pink trumpet tree, Pink poui, Pink tecoma, Rosy trumpet tree, Basant rani

The tree is covered with these lovely purplish pink flowers.  And when in full bloom is leafless.  Flowering time – December – February.

Botanical name: Tabebuia rosea      Family: Bignoniaceae (jacaranda family)

Picture taken on Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Fishtail Palm

Common name: Fishtail Palm, Jaggery Palm, Toddy Palm, Wine Palm

I wish I had a better picture. There are so many of these in the city. I could not stop and take the one here ( this is from a moving car) since there was a cop who was not allowing people to stop there for some reason — maybe a VIP visit.

This is a fast growing palm and probably why it is so prevalent. The leaves of the palm – this distinguishes it from other palms – are subdivided and give it the shape of a fish tail and hence the name. Another unique feature are their flowers. the first flowering mop-like cluster emerges from the top of the palm, subsequent clusters emerge below and so on. When the cluster reaches the ground, the palm dies.

Toddy palm is an Asian species commonly grown in India,Burma,Sri Lanka

Botanical name: Caryota urens    Family: Arecaceae (Palm family)

Picture taken at Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Devil’s Tree

Common name: Dita bark, Devil tree, Blackboard tree,  Milkwood pine

Native to India and SE Asia.  Commonly believed to be the abode of the Devil!  And in some villages, people are afraid to sit under this tree.

The botanical name Alstonia scholaris is interesting. Alstonia to honour a great botanist Prof. C Alston, and Scholaris because it’s wood is traditionally been used to make wooden slates for children.

In October, the greenish fragrant flowers appear. 

 The bark constituents were considered an alternative for treatment of malaria.

Whether it is an abode of the devil or not, it is a beautiful tree even when not flowering.

Botanical name: Alstonia scholaris    Family: Apocynaceae (oleander family)

Info –, Wiki

Picture taken at Necklace Road, Hyderabad.