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Australian Bottle Plant

Common Name : Buddha Belly Plant, Pyhsic Nut.  A native of tropical America.

Australian bottle plant so called because it has a bottle shaped trunk thought to resemble the Buddha Belly!  This one is a realively small plant and the trunk was like this.  
It has tiny flowers occuring in clusters,  that are coral shaped placed on long stems .  The leaves are large and lobed. The flowers are found almost throughtout the year.
These pictures were taken at Gun Rock Colony, Secunderabad.

Botanical name: Jatropha podagrica
Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)


Fuchsia are know for its pendant, bell shaped flowers .  And they  look especially beautiful in hanging baskets.   They are attractive because their sepals and petals are all brightly coloured.  And they attract a number of insects and birds.  Over a period of time, the plant once native to South America, is seen in many parts of the world, and because of hybridisation , in many different colours!

These were spotted just outside a Peter Rabbit Store in Kendal, UK.

Rose Campion

The bed of silver foliage set my camera into action.  I am still trying to identify the others.  This one with purple, purple-red attractive flowers is the Rose Campion

Also known as Silene Coronaria.  Belonging to the carnation family.  Silver and red make a striking combination!

Botanical name – Lychnis Coronaria.

Family – Caryophyllaceae

Chilean Fire Bush

Common name – Chilean Fire Bush, Flame Flower

A upward growing tree / shrub.  Very striking due to the masses of bright red flowers.  Blooms early summer.  Flowers split into  curved, coiled, twisted tubes.    A very attractive tree when in full bloom.  Native to Chile and Argentina.

Botanical name – Embothrium coccineum

Photograph – Benmore gardens, Scotland

Gulmohar Tree

Common name: Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana

While I hate the heat in summer, I love the trees that bloom this season.  The yellow Laburnum, the purple Jacaranda and the red/orange Gulmohar. 

Native to Madagascar, this tree is now seen almost all over India.  All through the months of May-June one finds the tree covered with clusters of bright orange flowers along with its delicate green fern leaves.

Botanical name: Delonix regia    Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)

Picture taken at Somajiguda, Hyderabad

Red Poppy

Slightly confused about the flower – is it the Oriental Poppy or the Common Poppy.  But beautiful nevertheless. Narcotic content of the poppy is very minimal, but fresh flowers supposedly have the odour similar to that of the Opium Poppy.  These are single large red flowers with a black center.  They flower profusely in May-June, but I found this in March in Lodi Gardens, New Delhi

Botanical name: Papaver orientale    Family: Papaveraceae (poppy family)

National flower of Belgium and Poland.


Common name: Poinsettia, Christmas plant, Lobster plant

This species of Euphorbiaceae has one thing in common. The degeneration of flowers. The flowers are rounded in the centre and almost look as buds. What makes the plant attractive are the bracts or modified leaves which are a lovely red colour.

Botanical name: Euphorbia pulcherrima    Family: Euphorbiaceae (castor family)

The species name – pulcherrima – means beautiful.  As the plant adds a lot of color and beauty to a garden.

The picture is of bunched poinsettia plants kept at the Horticulture exhibition, Necklace Road.

Red Salvia

Common name: Scarlet Sage, Red Salvia

These are common bedding plants and can form striking borders.  They add a burst of colour to the landscape.  They are found in other colours too – lavender, white, purple.. but the red variety is the most popular.

Botanical name: Salvia splendens    Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)


Common name: Firebush, Scarlet bush, Hummingbird bush

Semi woody shrub. With clusters of showy reddish,orange-ish scarelet tubular flowers.

Supposed to have showy berries too. Somehow I missed that!

Picture taken at Maru Enclave, Yapral.

Botanical name: Hamelia patens     Family: Rubiaceae (coffee family)

Sleeping Hibiscus

Common name: Sleeping hibiscus, Turk’s Cap, Firecracker Hibiscus

I somehow always thought these were hibiscus flowers that had folded up.   Now I know better.  The name Sleeping Hibiscus is pretty apt too. 

Sleeping Hibiscus is a shrub from Mexico. The flowers are pendulous.  Have seen them only in red, but it appears there is a pink one too. 

Botanical name: Malvaviscus arboreus var. arboreus    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)

Strangely, the sleeping hibiscus flowers best when in bright sunlight.  I would have thought otherwise!

Picture taken at Hitex Convention Center, Hyderabad.

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