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Rangoon Creeper

Common name: Rangoon Creeper, Burma creeper • Hindi: मधु मालती Madhu Malati

There is this lovely climber on a wall close to home.  I have always wanted to take a picture, but in the vicinity, we have a fishmonger, a ‘chinese fast food cart’, and small kiosks and curious onlookers.  So I just put my camera away.  This picture was taken at KBR park, a small one right now, and not at its best because of the blistering heat. But still did make a pretty picture.

Lotusleaf mentions that the British planted the creeper along the railway tracks in Burma and that is how it got its name.

Also supposedly found in the forests of India, Malaysia, and the Phillipines.  But now cultivated and seen trailing from high compound walls .  They do make a pretty picture.

The creeper grows quickly and the flowers that are white change to pink and red.  The botanical name Botanical name: Quisqualis indica   translates to ‘What is that?’ in Latin!  Family: Combretaceae (Rangoon creeper family)