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Flaming Katy

Common name: Kalanchoe, Flaming Katy

Kalanchoes are succulent plants with flat, glossy, green leaves. This one pictured here has small red flowers grouped together, but they can also be seen in pinks, oranges and yellow. Each flowerhead has about 20-50 flowers.

 There is an interesting story about the plant that originates in Madagascar.  It was brought from there to Paris in 1927, where a German merchant by name Blossfield managed to grow it as a houseplant and then began to trade it commercially.  The common variety of the plant is thus named after him (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana).  And kalanchoe came from a chinese word but it is still unknown how and when it was given to the plant.

Botanical name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana    Family: Crassulaceae (sedum family)

Picture taken by Sa at  Hyderabad