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Australian Bottle Plant

Common Name : Buddha Belly Plant, Pyhsic Nut.  A native of tropical America.

Australian bottle plant so called because it has a bottle shaped trunk thought to resemble the Buddha Belly!  This one is a realively small plant and the trunk was like this.  
It has tiny flowers occuring in clusters,  that are coral shaped placed on long stems .  The leaves are large and lobed. The flowers are found almost throughtout the year.
These pictures were taken at Gun Rock Colony, Secunderabad.

Botanical name: Jatropha podagrica
Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)

Violet or Viola


Violet – flowers that are found in colours other than violet also.  Yellow, blue, white and cream.  Seen here are yellow flowers with fine streaks on them.   There are flowers that have petals which have blotches on them and these are the pansies.  Belonging to the same family.

Viola flowers are edible.  Newly opened flowers are used to decorate food.  Young leaves can be consumed raw or cooked.  Essences have been extracted from the flowers too.

Botanical name: Viola spp.    Family: Violaceae (Violet family)

Flower pictures taken at Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi   


Asiatic Lilly

These lilies are supposed to be easy to grow.  And available in what one nursery had to say in all the rainbow colours.

Pretty aren’t they?  They require very little care.  And seen in full bloom from June – July.

Botanical name – Lilium Asiatic

At Lake District. UK.  The owners even left a label along with the plant.

Rose Campion

The bed of silver foliage set my camera into action.  I am still trying to identify the others.  This one with purple, purple-red attractive flowers is the Rose Campion

Also known as Silene Coronaria.  Belonging to the carnation family.  Silver and red make a striking combination!

Botanical name – Lychnis Coronaria.

Family – Caryophyllaceae


A short lived perennial plant.  Flowers are arranged in a showy elongated cluster.  The scientific name digitalis is because it is finger like and can be easily slipped over a finger tip.  There are many folklores attached to the flower. It is said that bad fairies gave these to the fox so that they could wear it to muffle the sound of their walk and thus spring on unsuspecting prey!

Botanical name: Digitalis purpurea    Family: Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family)

Picture taken in Lake District UK by S and myself.

Seen in many hues of purple to gray to white.

Moss Verbena

The five petalled Verbena flowers are dainty and attractive.  This one is in purple.  I am told they are found in a few other colours too.  They have these nicely divided leaves giving the plant a delicate look.  Supposedly a no fuss plant they are ideal for ground cover.  They are used extensively in buterfly gardening, since the flower is a favourite of the winged creature.

Botanical name: Glandularia pulchella    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)

Picture taken at Lodi Gardens, New Delhi


Common name: China Pink, Dianthus, Indian Pink, Chinese pink, Rainbow Pink

Dianthus the name is of Greek origin  – Dios ( god) Anthos ( flower).  Native to China and India, and Europe.

Extremely popular garden flowers, even though they are shortlived.  Pretty colours.  Their fringed petals add to their beauty. 

I photographed these at the horticulture show at Necklace Road. 

Botanical name: Dianthus chinensis     Family: Caryophyllaceae (pink family)

Foxtail Asparagus

Common name: Asparagus Fern, Sprenger Asparagus, Foxtail Asparagus

Though called asparagus fern, this weed ( yes it is  a weed , but cultivated for ornamental purposes!) belongs to the lilly family.  It is a drooping bushy plant and hence the name – fox tail.

It has stiff branches and tiny scale like leaves.  I had a foxtail for years and never saw the flowers, till I spotted these tiny white flowers and berries in the plant that was in my SIL’s garden.

The flowers are white or slightly pinkish.  And it has red berries.

When planted in the ground it can be invasive and are ideal for pots and hanging baskets.

Common name: Asparagus Fern, Sprenger Asparagus, Foxtail Asparagus

Ragged Mallow

An erect shrub. The flower is solitary at the tips of branches.  The seeds are furrowed and ridged. Leaves are ragged .  Found this growing wild outside the wall of a house that had a well kept garden.  The flower was so pretty that I had to take a picture.

Botanical name: Abutilon pannosum    Family: Malvaceae (Mallow family)
Picture taken – Marru enclave , Yapral

Butterfly Pea

I go past the apartments which has this climber over its compound wall.  Have not been able to stop and take the picture, and have finally used the one my bro took on his visit to India last year. 

The flower is seen generally in cobalt blue, but it appears you have it in white and a light lavender hue too.  The flowers are presented upside down and give it its unique appearance.  They flower in late summer.  The deep blue flower with it’s white throat.

A member of the pea family.  The peas can be used for sowing. The plant is a favourite for a hanging basket.

Botanical name: Clitoria ternatea    Family: Fabaceae (pea family)