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Black eyed Susan

More yellow….  like sunshine.   Rudbeckia fulgida – Astraceae family.   Fulgida means shiny or glittering in latin.

Yellow flowers with coarse dark green foliage.  Gardeners feel it looks best when grown in a big circle around a tree.  I can imagine the pretty picture it would make.  But even otherwise the flowers look pretty and they have this brown-black centre and thus the name Black-eyed Susan.

Picture taken by Sa – located in S’s garden, London.

Some useful information here.

Carrot Grass

Common name: Carrot Grass, Congress grass, Wild carrot weed

Strange to think that this pretty flowered plant , belonging to the sunflower family, is a highly invasive weed.  The white flower, though small, has five distinct corners and grows on stem tips.  The plant also releases chemicals that inhibit and prevent the growth of other plants.

Botanical name: Parthenium hysterophorus    Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower family)

Yellow Dot or Nettle Leaved Wedelia?

Common name: Yellow Dots, Creeping daisy, Wedelia

Creeping herb. The flower is yellow daisy like.  Makes a good ground cover as seen here.  Supposed to be ideal for hanging flower baskets too.

Botanical name: Wedelia trilobata     Family: Asteraceae (daisy/Sunflower family)

( Photographed at KBR park, Hyderabad)