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I love trees, flowers, leaves, birds.

And out comes the camera ( thank you bro)  whenever I have the chance to capture a scene. I thought I would record it  in this space with a little information.  I am not a botanist.  And most times I have no clue about what I have photographed!  Over the months, I have identified the pictures, am still in the process of identifying some.  I cannot remember the botanical name and stick to the common name which is easier to recall.

Pictures here are either mine or those known to me.

Most  information about flowers/trees is from the site – Flowers of India and Wiki.

Also, do drop by at my other blog –  for musings in general.

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  1. Hey, I know I have been ‘gone’ for a long while but when did you start this? This is a beautiful site and I am wondering, are all these your photos Radha? Lovely

  2. thanks for browsing thr’ my site and leading me to urs. its nice to read another blog on the trees and flowers commonly found in india.

  3. You sound very much like me….lol… (though normally I dont get time to take photos or even have a close look.)

  4. Hey Radha, I can’t believe Ive been reading you for so long and haven’t tracked here. The pictures are beautiful and the small write up – just enough and informative. Keep going.. and I will keep visiting

  5. WOW this site is gr8. I returned home after almost 4 years and have wanted to replant my garden for some time now. Going through your site have helped me immensely !! I have been able to correctly identify,buy and plant many of my old favourites I grew up with. Keep recording nature.

  6. Hi,
    I reached your site when looking for ‘Devills tree’ details. You have a very well done site.
    Your love for nature and photogrphy shines through in a very nice way.
    Nature in my eyes is God’s gift of beauty and fragrance to us. It gives immense joy and peace if one can find the time to be deeply involved in its innumerable moods.
    In this summer time gardens are so full of various sweet fragrant blooms, it fills my mind and heart with pleasure. Please do visit my site; it might interest you in many ways!
    Will keep in touch,
    Abha (Shyama)

  7. hi radha, i dont see you around in the blogging world anymore … how and where are you? :)


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