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Fuchsia are know for its pendant, bell shaped flowers .  And they  look especially beautiful in hanging baskets.   They are attractive because their sepals and petals are all brightly coloured.  And they attract a number of insects and birds.  Over a period of time, the plant once native to South America, is seen in many parts of the world, and because of hybridisation , in many different colours!

These were spotted just outside a Peter Rabbit Store in Kendal, UK.

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  1. how pretty! i love the colours. are you in the UK now?
    regarding your question about the garlic vine – unfortunately i have no idea, let us see if any else comments in response :)

  2. Preaty fucshia both of them :)

  3. The multitude of colours that you can find Fuschias in is amazing. Makes it difficult to choose which one you will finally end up planting!


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