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Silk Cotton Tree

Not a great picture. But I was just happy to have identified the tree – thanks to Madras Ramblings

 I think this is the showy silk cotton tree – Fruit is a capsule reaching almost a foot in length by 2-2.5 inches in diameter,  filled with silky cotton and round seeds.

Flowering happens in Nov- Jan. This was taken on a hot summer day in March.  No leaves, no flowers when I took the photograph. Will replace it with a better one soon. For now, I am glad I could identify it.

Picture taken – Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Botanical name: Bombax insigne    Family: Bombacaceae (Silk Cotton Tree family)

flower (source –

Note ( April 7, 2011) – I hope the identification is correct.  The picture of the right was taken in March in South Delhi. Popularly known as the Kapok or the Semal tree.  They are a beautiful sight in full bloom

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  1. Oh wow! Thatz some interesting info! Hv to keep my eyes open for this one when I am in Madhapur next time :)

  2. First time I’m visiting this blog, Radha. Great idea, and wonderful pictures!

    I think this silk cotton is what we call ‘savri’ cotton, here in Maharashtra. Pillows filled with it are super-soft.

  3. i find the silk cotton tree absolutely fascinating!! there was a huge old one in lalbagh.. and the cotton was all over the ground.

  4. Thank my stars i have technology in my hands and i found ur work. Beautiful and clear your post has it all. Do you mind for i already have posted ur link on my page. Have borrowed some pictures too because clumsy with my own equipment my own shot looked pathetic and when i asked Google it led me to urs. Thank u so much and congratulations on ur own good work. :)


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