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Small and White

Common Name:  Yellow-Vein Eranthemum, Golden Pseuderanthemum

I could not get closer to this evergreen shrub to get a better picture. There are tiny white flowers here with purple pink dots in the centre.  And the foliage a shade of yellow to green – though not clearly seen here in the picture.

Botanical name: Pseuderanthemum reticulatum      Family: Acanthaceae (ruellia family)

( Picture taken at AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad)

The other small white flowers with a little pink centre is the Saxifraga x urbium – the London Pride photographed in Lake District, UK.

Aid in identification of the flower by Justin Davis.  Ideal for ground cover, it produces little pink /white flowers growing from succulent stems.  It grows in neglected spaces.  And is said to have been flowering in the bombed sites in London in the 1940s and therefore symbolic of the resilience of London and the Londoner.  There is even a song by Noel Coward that became popular in WW II .

That brings me to the title Small and White for this post.. remember the song in The Sound of Music?

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