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There are 900 species of Rhododendrons.  And they seem to be all over the world. They say it is native to the Himalayan region and SE Asia, but strangely is the state flower of  Washington and West Virginia!

It is also referred to as Azaleas.  They were brought to the UK in 1825 and now are seen all over the countryside.  In some places, some of the species are said to be invasive and are replacing the natural flora of the area. They are seen in an amazing range of colours, but somehow, the ones I have taken are in pink and shades of lilac.  And this one in red ( I may be wrong in its identification though) – The rhodendron is seen as shrubs, small to large trees.  However, parts of the plant are toxic.  Therefore, best to admire from a distance!

All pictures taken at Lake District, UK


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