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Indian Snakeweed

Common name: Indian Snakeweed, Blue snakeweed, Nettle-leaved vervain

Strange that a plant, by name Indian Snakeweed, is not only cultivated in a pot, and also being sold at the horticulture exhibition – this one was for Rs 50/-.

But the stalkless flowers that grow on a spike are pretty.  I saw a couple of them being bought.  Of course the name of the plant was not displayed. 

This plant is known to attract butterflies because of its sweet nectar.

 Botanical name: Stachytarpheta indica    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)


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  1. What a lovely picture! The stem resembles broccoli

  2. very pretty. does it have a fragrance? you must post on what kind of butterflies it attracts

    • I’m sorry, I have no clue – either about the fragrance or the butterflies. There was such a crowd at the exhibition, I could not get very close and the butterfly bit, I read about it in more than two or more descriptions of the flower on the net.


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