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Pink Bauhinia – Bauhinia monandra

I already have a post on the Purple Bauhinia.  But the sight of the pink bauhinia tree was so beautiful to behold, that I had to post the pictures here again.

The tree is popularly called the Orchid tree, Pink Bauhinia, Butterfly Tree and even the Napolean’s Plume.

Beautiful, right? Too beautiful a sight to skip.

I managed to get the pictures before the sky opened up and it started pouring.  Taken at Hitex Convention Centre, Hyderabad.

A deciduous tree – meaning the plant loses its leaves in winter. 

For anyone who just might want to learn more about flora , hop over to   A beautifully compiled site. With terms explained in a simple manner.  I identify most trees and flowers over here.


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  1. That name sounds nice :) Never knew this one’s decidious or rather never observed it so much :P

  2. the last picture is beautiful!!

  3. The pink bauhinia is lovely. The last picture makes it look so intricate.

  4. Beautiful !!!!

    I saw one of these in Gulbarga, but was not able to find the name.


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