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Garden Balsam

   Common name: Balsam, Garden balsam, Rose balsam, Spotted snapweed, Touch-me-not

The plant has thick stem and spiky edged green leaves.  I read that it is called touch-me-not because the ripe seed pods burst when touched. The flowers are pretty, almost like that of a rose.  There are different colours – I have seen only pink, white and violet.

Native to South – East Asia.

Botanical name: Impatiens balsamina    Family: Balsaminaceae (Balsam family)


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  1. Very beautiful. Liked your blog. Keep it up and keep posting.

  2. Oh I luv these flowers and the colour is beautiful!

  3. This is my favourite balsom. The flowers look like miniature roses and the pastel pink colour is so sweet.

  4. ya…. i had the pink doubled balsam, i missed the seeds is it possible to get the seeds of pink double balsam and if possible many colors of balsam plant…. plz contact


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