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Copper Pod

This particular tree has its branches chopped off almost every three months, since they brush against the telephone and power lines.  To the extent that only the trunk with a few branches are left.  But within no time, the branches grow, the leaves appear and it is in bloom all over again. For me, it appears to fight for survival.

Common name: Copperpod, Rusty shield-bearer

  Copperpod also called yellow flame tree.  It has fern like leaves.  A native of Sri Lanka, the Andamans, the Malay peninsula and North Australia. The yellow blooms are very attractive.  The tree to the right of it ( not in the picture) finished blooming and is devoid of flowers, while this one began and added colour to the neighbourhood. The name `Copper Pod’ comes from the coppery-red seed cases that are seen in profusion.  And yes, the ground below the tree is strewn with these flowers.

Botanical name: Peltophorum pterocarpum    Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family)


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  1. Hi Radha, Everytime I see this tree, I tell myself that I must take a photo of it because it is very pretty. But it has never been convenient when I see the tree. Good to see it here. I like all your photos.

  2. Oh i never knew its called so :)


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