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Traveler’s Palm

I always was/am fascinated by this tree – I could see it from a flyover as we passed this quaint Paigah Mosque at Begumpet ( quaint because it is known for its Spanish architecture). A colleague A who goes for his Friday namaz at this mosque took the picture for me.  The base is obscured by other vegetation.  It should look like this otherwise – pic below –

Common name: Traveler’s Palm, Traveler’s tree

This is not a true palm.  Originated from Madagascar.  The sheaths of stems hold rainwater which can be a source of emergency drinking water supply and hence it’s name.  It looks like a palm tree in part and a banana plant.   The young tree would have only branches and only as it grows does the trunk emerge.

Botanical name: Ravenala madagascariensis    Family: Strelitziaceae (Bird of Paradise family)

pic of mosque


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  1. Travellers palm have been my favorites too. They give a very cool and neat feeling in the tropics.


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