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Creeping Philodendron or Split leaf Philodendron

I might be wrong here. I first thought it was the Swiss Cheese Plant or Split leaf Philodendron – but the leaves do not seem to be attached anywhere.  I am convinced however, that it belongs to the same family – Araceae or Alocasia family. 

If it is the creeping one – Botanical name: Rhaphidophora decursiva    or the Split leaf one then it is the Monstera deliciosa.

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Picture taken at Sainkipuri. SIL’s home.


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  1. I get to recollect all botany lessons and learn some more, thanks to u :)

  2. We have these all over the place. We call them Piñanona. They develop large white flowers (6 in +, lily shaped) and later bear edible fruit, vaguely pineapple flavor and very acidic.

    Cuernavaca, Mexico


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