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Skyblue Clustervine

Common name: Skyblue Clustervine, Pentantha

I always loved these blue flowers that grew along the grill in the balcony.  Skyblue Clustervine is a small freely blooming creeper . The stem of the creeper is slender and green and the leaves are arranged alternatively. The leaves are small, shiny and heart-shaped ( look at them!)  with pointed tips. The blue flowers are produced in clusters at the ends for long stalks. The petals are fixed by five white stamens.  The creeper looks so beautiful in full bloom.

Botanical name: Jacquemontia pentanthos    Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning glory family)

Picture by Sa – at Hyderabad. Info –


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  1. These r very cute!

  2. I too love these flowers and have been looking for seeds in every plant I come upon but in vain. Once I happened to find a lone plant in a forgotten corner of a nursery and immediately bought it but it died of neglect in the hot Delhi sun while I was away from the city.

    Thanks for the ID of this plant!


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