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A common sight – a flower that grows wild.  Quite known for the odour.  But the flowers are so beautiful and multi coloured.

Common name: Lantana

Common lantana is a rugged evergreen shrub . The species will grow to 6 ft high with some varieties able to clamber vinelike up supports to greater heights with the help of support. Stems and leaves are covered with rough hairs and emit an unpleasant aroma when crushed. The small flowers are held in clusters (called umbels) that are typically 1-2 in across. Flower color ranges from white to yellow, orange to red, pink to rose in unlimited combinations, in addition the flowers usually change in color as they age. A lantana may look orange from a distance but the flowerhead is examined at close range it consists of individual white, yellow and red flowers that blend when viewed from afar.
Botanical name: Lantana camara var. aculeata    Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family)
Photo taken at Mahalaxmi Race Grounds, Mumbai and Secunderabad
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