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Mexican Oleander

Common name: Mexican oleander, Yellow Oleander, Lucky Nut

This is a tree commonly seen in most places in India.  And the fruit of the tree that is green when immature, first turns red and then black. It has a brown seed inside that is known as the lucky nut, but one is not so lucky if these pods are ingested for they are known to be toxic. So beware!

Mexican oleander is a large shrub or a small tree, up to 10 to 20 feet tall . Tip of leafs are pointed with a dark green color. Flowers are generally yellow, but there are varieties with white and orange flowers too. Fruit is small, containing two to four flat seeds. If ingested may experience pain in the mouth and lips, may also develop vomiting, cramping, abdominal pain, nausea and bradycardia shortly after ingestion. Mexican oleander is native to tropical America.
Botanical name: Thevetia peruviana     Family: Apocynaceae (oleander family)

Info – Flowers of India.  Picture taken – Secunderabad.


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