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Mast Tree

I, like many others, always thought it was the Ashoka Tree, and was very disappointed when I found otherwise.. ….

Common name: Ashok, False Ashok, Mast Tree

Ashok is native to India and Srilanka. Somehow, the name Ashok has stuck in north India, although the “real” Ashok is what is also called Sita Ashok.

Mast Tree is commonly seen as a lofty column, very graceful with its downward-sweeping green foliage. It is a very popular tree in India. For a short period — two or three weeks only — the tree is covered with a profusion of delicate, star-like flowers.

The tree trunks were suited for making the masts of sailing ships and hence the name.

Botanical name: Polyalthia longifolia     Family: Annonaceae (sugar apple family)

Photographed in Secunderabad.

Info – Flowers of India, Karthik’s Journal, Wiki


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  1. This is news to me too… thanks.
    However, I dont like this tree, too “slim”…


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