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Flaming Tumpet

Common name: Flame vine, Flaming trumpet, Golden shower trumpet, Orange Bignonia

Flaming trumpet is a vigorous, fast-growing, evergreen woody vine that blooms in winter and spring with spectacular reddish-orange flowers. The center leaflet is modified into a coiled, three-parted tendril. Flame vine branches profusely and climbs by clinging with its tendrils. The tubular flowers are about 3 in long and borne in clusters of 15-20 at the tips of branches.  The flower clusters may hang down under the weight of their own beauty.

Botanical name: Pyrostegia venusta      Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)

Photographed in Secunderabad.  Some of the independent houses here have this vine and they look so beautiful in full bloom.

Info- Flowers of India.


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  1. Oh I hv seen a lot of these too .. thanks for sharing all the info abt it :)

    Feels nice to see so many things being photographed in Secunderabad :)


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