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Old Man Palm Tree

I loved the name. The guide showed it to us and said does it not remind you of an old man ?- the trunk resembles an old man’s beard.

Common Name: Old Man Palm Tree, Thatch Palm, Guano Barbudo, Guano Petate, Palma Petate

Originated from Cuba, this slow growing palm has a stunning trunk that is covered with grey wool-like fiber. It is called “Old Man Palm” because the trunk reminds of an old man’s beard. They appear to be standing like soldiers with their stiff,bearded trunks emerging straight from the ground.

 Leaves are palmate. In the summer it produces yellow flowers that are followed by fruits. Fruit is dark purple round, about 1 inch in diameter. It will take this evergreen about 10 years to grow to 5”. It might grow up to 15ft tall and 10ft wide but it will take a while. Old Man Palm loves full sun but can also grow in a partial shade. Is popular as an ornamental plant and widely used for landscaping.

Botanical Name: Coccothrinax crinita  Family : Arecaceae (Palmae)
Info mostly from –

Picture taken at Nong Nooch, Pattaya, Thailand


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