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African Tulip Tree

This was just another tree growing in the neighbourhood till the day  a few flowers bloomed.  The orange flowers were so captivating.  

African tulip tree  also Fountain Tree – is a large tree with glossy deep green pinnate leaves and orange flowers. It may grow to 80 ft . The buds appear at the branch tiops. They have green brown fingerlike pods pointing upwards and outwards above the foliage. Each of these pods contains about 500 tissue papery seeds.

Botanical name: Spathodea campanulata      Family: Bignoniaceae (Jacaranda family)
( Information – Flowers of India – link provided)


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  1. Gorgeous! I wish I could take ours from the top but it’s so high I will have to climb the tree. LOL! I was looking for its name and found your blog! Gorgeous flowers and photo’s you have here! Thanks for sharing and for the info. :)

    • Our apartment is on the third floor and the tree is just across the window, otherwise I would have faced a similar problem with the inadequate zoom of my digital camera! Thanks!

      • Oh, you are so lucky! Well, without your lovely photo’s and all the lovely info you gave I wouldn’t have known what it was. Thanks again. :) I am going to enjoy going through your blog. :)

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